Favorite Childhood Toys

When I was a kid, I loved to play by myself. I enjoyed anything that could be a solo activity, and if it needed more than one person, my stuffed animals would step in and play with me.

I had one particular group of favorite toys. I say ‘group’ because it’s not one specific toy, but I used them together.

I had a huge collection of miniature stuffed animals. They ranged in sizes of 4-8 inches in height, and they were all kids of different animals. Many, in fact, were the popular Beanie Babies, but I didn’t care about the money part. I just wanted to play with them.

Anyway, I used to have all the animals separated into families. They each had a mom, a dad, and two to three kids. In all, there were four families.

Then, with these animals, I would play with my K’Nex set. I would build each family a house, tables, chairs, beds, and cars. I would have so much fun doing it, and sometimes during summer vacation, I would be awake until 2 in the morning just building away. I never really acted out anything with the animals. They were more of space takers. I would sit them in the chairs or lay them in the beds. Occasionally, I would load them up in a car and drive them around.

Then, when I was done, I would tear it all down.

The next day, I would start all over again.

In rereading this, I realize that I’m revealing some embarrassing information about myself. I mean, as kids we all do weird stuff. But my favorite activity was a little strange.

I still enjoy those kinds of activities today. I definitely enjoy my alone time. I prefer to be by myself over in a group any day. I also like to build things. I’m not a huge fan of Legos, but I like things that have a bit more flexibility in the building options.

It makes me wonder what kinds of toys my little one will enjoy. I guess I will find out soon enough…

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