Setting the Bar Too High

I am a very competitive person, especially when it comes to myself. I like to set goals and surpass them. I like a good challenge, and I get really bummed when I don’t get things done the way I want.

This is especially true of my writing endeavors.

Since joining this site, I have been writing like crazy. I have slowly increased the number of posts I put up each day, and I keep wanting to push myself even more.

I would like to create 20 posts a day, but I have yet to reach that goal. I think the closest I’ve gotten is 12. It’s a lot of writing to pump out in a single day, especially when I still have to clean, take care of my daughter and dog, and still manage to get dinner on the table. On the days that I’ve done the most, my chores suffer horribly.

But I’ve noticed that I set my bars too high lately. I aim to earn over 1000 points in a day, which is unrealistic. Then, when I fall short by a few hundred points, I beat myself up. It’s hard to get close and to push myself so hard without that feeling of, “Yes! I did it!”

For now, I’ve decided to set lower goals. I only want to earn 500 a day, and then, if I pass that, I get extra brownie points for myself. This way, I can still challenge myself, but I won’t be pushing myself so hard that all my other responsibilities suffer.

I’m also going to give myself a full two weeks to reach the cash out amount. That way, I can take a couple days off here and there, and I will still be bringing in a nice side income into the household. We’re saving for Christmas, and every extra dollar counts. If I can earn 200 a month from now until December, that will be a nice little nest egg to buy presents with.

So, for now, I’ll slow down. I still want to earn and maintain my blogs, but I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by it.

This will be good for me…  I hope.

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