Photography and Such

When I was in college, I took a photography class.

I loved it! It was all with film cameras, so we got to develop our pictures in a dark room. I used to go in on my free time to work in there, and I never felt anything quite as serene as working in that room. It was so calming, and I loved watching my images appear.

I got pretty good at it, and my teacher even paid me to develop some pictures for a client of his. I felt pretty honored.

As time went on, I still loved photography. I wished that I could have my own dark room, but the cost made it impossible.

More recently, my husband surprised me with a new camera. It’s a digital one, and he got me a long-range lens that I love.

Today, I had a really fun time taking some pictures of my daughter. She is 18 months old now, and I haven’t gotten any good pictures (just one from my phone) since she was a year old.

Anyway, we took her to the park and wandered around for awhile. I took some pictures of her on a bridge, in the grass, and playing on the playground. Some of them turned out pretty well, and I love seeing my little one smile.

But, it’s not the same.

I miss going into the dark room and spending time developing the pictures. I feel like the images turn out better, and the effort put into them makes them more special. I also like the alone time. It’s a solo kind of activity, and I enjoy being by myself just thinking. It’s almost like a form of meditation in a way.

Anyway, I am still grateful for the camera and the pictures. I do love the process of finding a good spot, composing a frame, and making a really good picture. I’m even learning how to edit them online to make colors brighter, to remove unwanted stuff, and to basically make the image a little more perfect.

Photography is a great hobby, and it makes my memories a little prettier. I hope my little one enjoys it someday, too!


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  1. September 8, 2014 at 1:20 am

    I love photography too…

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