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    cmoneyspinner - "I am not familiar with Prosperent and how to use it, which is why I did not connect. I think I have an account but I’m even confused by that. Don’t know how to navigate and access features."View
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    Ross - "Admin – Is it possible to re-enable google ads on our blogs again. My adsense account gives the error: “Sites with ads.txt issues error_outline Publisher ID missing from ads.txt files You need to add your […]"View
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    rizaairis - "For now, writing helps me a lot. It helps me to cope with loneliness and sadness. And I hope I can endure all this soon."View
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    waflay - "I tried to access this site yesterday but I couldn’t…"View
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    tiki33 - "Please help build traffic. Share posts and continue to submit posts. A site can not thrive without traffic. The traffic is what earns the site income. The income to pay writers so we all have to do our part. Have […]"View
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    henry - "I am trying to update my old site to catch up with time. You are all welcome to take a look http://www.biggainsideas.com . I also welcome any suggestions to improve it."View
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    gina145 - "@rextrulove I’ve been trying without success to comment on the ‘Any news to share’ thread. The link to stats on 3 of my blogs is no longer available. For the rest, one blog that had been getting no views at all […]"View
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    kimdalessandro - "Anyone else having trouble accessing the site? I’ve had trouble all day. I’ve been working on updating everything over the past week and removing things that weren’t doing well in an attempt to help the site."View
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    rextrulove - "Our zucchini finally has a small zuke on it. I don’t think that the other three have any blossoms yet, but the cucumbers and cantaloupe sure do. The tomatoes are packed with blossoms, too, and I have several […]"View
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    fun1oriented2learning - "Finally a little more than 10% of blogjob redemption done. Gearing up for rest of the journey."View
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    Billy D - "@sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that’s where the problem […]"View
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    nerdieeds - "Hello BlogJob!"View
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    loiseryan - "Getting ready to win the lottery feeling good about my numbers."View
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    sebaonciu - "2000 points, my latest milestone. Still a long way to go, but things are moving in the right decision!"View
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    Tracey Jade Boyer - "This is my new website for selling off my craft materials and supplies. I used to be a professional crafter, and since I no longer am, I am selling all my materials and supplies. The items up are most all of my […]"View
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    aabeck - "so this is amazing … been craving pancakes and so i made smores pancakes and that is my 2:22 am snack.. that i should not be eating"View
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    xelaiehm - "hi peeps! how’s going on here.. it’s been awhile.."View
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    Andria Perry - "I just added a new scent to the store, Honey Almond, it smells so good I wanna lick whoever wears it 😀 http://www.sunshineshomesteadcreationss.com"View
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    shagunK - "A very good evening friends! How are you all my friends?"View
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