• Zacc posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    How is everyone here. Now everyone limited, soon you will all be locked out…
    Anyway, happy blogging to all

    • so what happened?

      • When, where and how? I don’t get your question

      • What happened @Dick was that some of the site members, @zacc being one of them, were trying to game the reward system by using others people‚Äôs content as there own. This is not only unethical but could pose serious legal issues for the site. The daily limit was put in place to require users to go through a manual review process (by applying for the projects) in order to increase their earning potential. The purpose of this is to motivate people to contribute more positively to the site and to remove the temtation of unlimited points, which can be too much for some people to resist and can result in looking for ways to game the reward system.

        • Oh shameful how scammers are mindless

          • Spammers are mindless indeed. Who scammed who and where?
            I think this topic is old to be discussed now. It is a new year and most of us are busy elsewhere and have no time for scamming bloggers