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    SadieMarie - "I am working hard, trying to share my blog posts. Going to try to aim for the professional blogger project here this month. I hope that I can make it happen!"View
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    waflay - "I tried to access this site yesterday but I couldn’t…"View
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    Pragati - "Remember ? A few days ago I posted something about Chatting with a Good looking guy. He has a Great Personality. One of our common Friends call him “The Quintessential Alpha Male” And it totally suits him. I think […]"View
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    henry - "I am trying to update my old site to catch up with time. You are all welcome to take a look http://www.biggainsideas.com . I also welcome any suggestions to improve it."View
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    jsnitz08 - "Wow. Haven’t been here in awhile. How have things been here?"View
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    xelaiehm - "hi peeps! how’s going on here.. it’s been awhile.."View
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    vincenblack - "New month, new motivation. Let’s make magic."View
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    Robert Stukowski - "With all these site errors, it might be time to say goodbye to this place, and move my site someone where else."View
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    Billy D - "@sheridan Quick update: Just tested the site in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be something to do with how the site is displaying in IE and Firefox (I usually use Firefox and that’s where the problem […]"View
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    Atlanta - "Anyone else scared by the state of sharing on internet? If you start looking the comments on videos on youtube everyone is complaining about what they don’t have, what others have, and swearing like there’s no tomorrow"View
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    Ingrid - "Good morning"View
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    Ellyse Mae Tadifa - "Hi Every one! Been missing to post again."View
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    aabeck - "so this is amazing … been craving pancakes and so i made smores pancakes and that is my 2:22 am snack.. that i should not be eating"View
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    Alyssa - "It sucks how I am 26 points away from getting money but I have nothing left to say!"View
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    Henning - "Whats new about me? Well I am soon coming back here for more insights. I have been without my pc for 3 weeks to a month, something with the previous installation Windows 8. I was just sitting and reevaluating my […]"View
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    A. E. Rutherford - "all of my mugs are dirty. looks like i’m buying tea today >>"View
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    gma2-3 - "Hi everyone!! I am just now to where I can check in again!! I hope that you all had a very good Thanksgiving and that you are all finding things that you are thankful for!"View
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