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    Have you tried Bing Rewards? I have to say that it is a slow earner, but a lot of people like it. It adds up over time, and you get paid for doing what you do anyway, which is searching online.

    • I tried signing up for that but I don’t why I am facing problem with it. I will try again.

      • I signed up for it a long time ago, to get points for the sign up on another site. Never did get the points, which made me mad, lol. That’s why I never did anything with it, and ended up forgetting about it until recently.

    • Some do not like the bing search engine and I am one of them, but I still have it though because I use it a few times a month.

    • I’d like to join, but it’s not available in my country. I agree that it’s always good to earn even a little bit for doing something that we have been doing all the time. 🙂