• thisnthat posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    @younghopes Hi, I noticed your post about the Pinterest board, and I’m wondering how it works. Why do we need an email for it? Will it connect to other boards we have there?

    I’m interested, but I’d like more info, please. Thanks. 🙂

    • @thisnthat Nice question and great you asked. If you want to get invited to a pinterest board, either you should be following me on pinterest and then I will be inviting you by your username on pinterest or else you can get invited by your email address. These are the two options provided by pinterest for inviting anyone to join the group boards.

      That’s why I asked for the email. Hope it is clear or else let me know.

      • Yes, I have a board, but it’s mostly like projects I want to try and stuff. I’m not sure if I should connect that to this. Is that okay?

        • @thisnthat You cannot link two boards on pinterest. The blogjob board which I have on pinterest is just for the blogjob posts which you are posting here. If you are adding posts here on blogjob, then you can join that add your posts on the pinterest board.

          • Oh… I’m not too good with how Pinterest works. I just like looking at everything there, lol. I’d like to join, but I don’t really like posting my email on a public board. What else can I do?