• thisnthat posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Do you enjoy going grocery shopping, or do you just consider it another chore? I usually don’t mind it.

    • For me it depends on the store. In general I enjoy our big Krogers over every other store and I’d rather go to Krogers than Giant Eagle, but sometimes Giant Eagle has better stuff. As for grocery shopping being a chore, it definitely is but sometimes it’s still a fun chore. At least it’s out of the house.

    • I used to like walking half a mile through a park where lots of people carried groceries and nobody talked 🙂 Now I hate, not living much further from the stores (although I do) but the way supermarket chains have been training all the cashiers to chatter…the way only the confirmed cheaters used to do 🙁

    • I’ve started using an online grocery ordering service. I just load up my online grocery cart, show up near the door of the building, and they load everything into my car. It’s been a lifesaver since I’ve got two small children. They would make shopping super hard…

      • Wow, that really is convenient. As a mother of four, I would have quite liked a service like that when my kids were little.