• TAlberts posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    At last! I´m done baking and decorating cakes. Now I am tired and have not posted any post here. I might still right one or I have to go to bed now. Good night! See you tomorrow.

    • Get rested up @TAlberts!! Have pictures of your cakes? 😉

    • Wow, that cake from last year looks divine! I can’t wait to see the one you baked last night.

      How lovely it must have been for you to meet all those other people from your country at the Filipino store. When we lived in England, that used to lift my spirits no end, being so far away from home!

      • The photo of the cake last year was changed with the communion cake and the black forest cake that I baked yesterday.

        Yes, it was indeed. I can relate to how you felt. It´s good to have friends from our own country when we are in another country @angie10 Thanks for your comment.

        • I used to feel so happy when I bumped into people from Botswana in the UK! I could spot them a mile off, too. My husband could never understand how i could tell LOL