• Super Spy posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    Today was spent figuring out VigLinks and which merchants to use. My wrist now aches…

    • Figuring that out on VigLinks is a job and a half! VigLink has lots of participating merchants. I gave up. What I do now is, if I see a website that has products I’d like to advertise or market, I sign in to my VigLink account and go to the Merchants list and check to see if they are on the list. Most of the time they are. Then I use that “VigLink Anywhere” feature to create a link.

      • Yes, I spent a day creating a directory of links and I may use the ‘anywhere’ links for my other blogs and also for social media. I have a beauty blog so I picked the ones I am more likely to use, but will do the same for my lifestyle one, or maybe edit my posts and add links then.