• Super Spy posted an update in the group Group logo of Writers' AccountabilityWriters' Accountability 4 years, 4 months ago

    Finally added a google plus page to my main website. It took a while to navigate to google speak and numerous guides to lead to other guides. Actually, they make something so simple incredibly difficult unnecessarily.

    • I wonder if they make it difficult on purpose to be sure only people who are serious about using the feature bother with all the hassle.

      • Yes, they do, but if you are a web geek then it’s not a problem. What I hate is when they say ‘just add this HTML file to your site’ or add a meta tag, but they never actually say where. Having done an internet search, others were equally baffled.

    • Nice dear.

    • What do you refer to as your “main website”? Just visited your two blogs here at BlogJob and don’t see anything leading to your Google Plus business page. (O.o) Also, following you on Tumblr now. 🙂