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    I do believe in past lives and reincarnation. I have written a book on the topic (well, manuscript) and hope to get it published. I do have a website dedicated to it as well, but not on blogjob, because it is niche and isn’t for everyone. I can post a link or message anyone who is genuinely interested.

    • wow that’s great

    • I believe in that too! I don’t think it’s too niche for BlogJob; I have a blog for talking about the supernatural, religion/spirituality, interesting maybe-fictional entities, and the end of the world. Good luck with your book! Do you have a publisher in mind?

      • Llewellyn would be ideal, although the readers are more likely to be Hay House types that are awakening. I have a blog and it does okay (I don’t monetize that one) but I do get people that ask for readings.

    • I do believe in reincarnation too. Your book seems to be interesting, why do you not publish it online?

      • It’s better as a physical book, and if you self-publish they no publisher will touch it. So you shoot yourself in the foot f you do that.