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    One of the things I do are Soul Reading based on numerology. Currently I am experimenting with using astrological charts with numerolgy to see if if there are cross overs in traits.

    • @superspy have you been following any established method or theory for the interpretation, or are you just figuring it out from observations as you go along?

      I’d like to learn a little more about numerology. I feel as if I am missing something, despite the fact that I can use a reference to remind myself how to calculate the different types of numbers, and I have learned the significance of the digits and the Spirit Numbers.

      I know if I wanted to go really deep, there is Gematria. But I guess I’m sort of looking for a middle path. I feel instinctively that there is more to know about the overlap between numerology and astrology. But I’m not sure yet where to begin with that particular journey…

      • I use Pythagorean calculations, and while numbers can be seen as signs, I know people who may read too much into them. What I look for is patterns which reveal a soul lesson or a message, for example I did a reading where a person had the number 4 in all but one peak, which indicates a need for stability.

        On the other hand I have a friend with an abundance of 7s in his reading, but his spiritualism has faded, indicating to me he has the potential, but still has not found it.

        I go with intuition and gut, the numbers are like tarot to me, a basis but merely a method to work with. With spiritual numbers, one can be open to interpretation too. Yes, they may indicate signs, but they may also be personal ones too. Dates as well, as I discovered my exes father died on my birthday, and so forth.

        The astrology part I am still looking into, and I am devising (when I am in the right frame of mind) my own chart and interpretations of what each planetary house whether missing or in retrograde at the time of birth may signify when crossed referenced with a peaks of potential reading.

        I’m testing it on friends first who are spiritual, so they can give feedback.