• snaiserian posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    I recently joined a site for marketing centre and it has turned out to be great. Though am still fresh on the site it has turned out to be a great place. What I love about this site is that I get to learn new tactics on how to make money online or anywhere else. They do pay but I think what they offer is much greater than money; they make you hard when it comes to business. Before I joined the site I used to think that I can’t make it in business but after interacting with people from all over the world I have gained the confidence that I can actually do something new in life.
    This site is called the SFI marketing centre started in 1998 by a person who unlike others never lost hope. He had tried for long with no luck but after 5 years he finally made it, today he own a company that earns billions and he is sharing his knowledge and letting others share among themselves to. You get to interact with entrepreneurs from all over the world and compete so as you can gauge your potential. When I joined I just wanted to try out but am glad I did, I love challenges and am curious person in nature.
    This site is interesting and fun; to me it’s a place of knowledge because you get to experience the challenges that come with earning money. Here you don’t earn money fast you get to sweat for it and by that you learn. Many people have joined this site and lost hope, I was about to lose hope to but thanks to sponsors that are allocated to us for help I didn’t. That’s another great thing about the site you get a sponsor to help you in getting right on track. This site is good for learning and making money too but it’s not that’s easy, for me learning new things is the greatest achievements one can get and that’s why I would recommend this site. To learn more about it go to

    • Oh! was there and what I believe is that you won’t beat the red line by colleting VPs without purchasing products from trippleclicks store. I quit using it after sometime. Nice time if it works for you

      • So far it has worked out for me but i haven’t started purchasing products, i just play games and do tasks on the to-do-list. Still above the green point and i do hope it works out, i admit that at one point i may need to purchase products but i plan to use the money i earn there to do so that why am working hard to stay above.

    • 100% agree. Knowledge is power but you must know what to look for first.