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    with a broken heart i redeem 5000 points (worth $25) when i need only few points to redeem 7500 ( i had 7422 points) which worth $50. I badly need of money so i need to redeem or else i decided to redeem later when the site will back.

    • The points transfer option was also removed seeing that some people tried to redeem through that method..which I think is unfortunate.. Sorry about that.. but you could at least redeem… many couldn’t do it!

      • I never knew you could transfer points. Now I know but don’t need to know. 🙂 Ah well! The points really gave incentive and motivation to blog and socialize. It’s very disheartening. Particularly for me because it seems every time I join a community, everything was working just fine until I arrived. I haven’t been here a year and already they discontinued the Rewards system. But this site has been around for over 5 years. Right? I feel like I should apologize for being a jinx to everybody else. (Sigh.) Sorry for bringing the dark cloud with me. ) 🙂

    • i wish i had given you some points

    • Aw, you mean you’re not able to cash out when most of us were sending points to others before in order to cash out sis? Too bad transferring points is not allowed this time sis:( lets hope the site will be back sooner or later so you can get your remaining points here. So cheer up now sweetie 🙂

    • very sorry for you my dear. I was at the earlier stage, so I managed to redeem with @iyanpol12 help

    • It happened to me too. I cashed 5000 points for $25, and then I gave the rest away to help someone else. I was too far away from 7500. I”m sorry that happened to you. At least you still have them for future use. I don’t mind starting over.

    • We have to accept these things because blogjob is not in good situation. I too redeemed at 7500 points but i wanted reach at 10,000

    • But hopefully things will be fixed and blogjob will be back on its track . We are still lucky to be the part of blogjob.