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    i love travelling but hardly get time for it

    • For me, difficult part is going somewhere but I love exploring the place once I reach there.

    • For me the main problem is money….I wish i could travel to wherever I wanted as and when I wanted to!

      • Money is always the problem for me to travel, too and I hope I can fly home this year.

        • It’s not easy living away from home, is it? -especially if it’s so far that the plane fare is very pricey. That used to be my problem when I lived in the UK. I guess it still is because if we want to visit my in-laws in England, we’re going to have to dig really deep 🙁

          • I have 2 homes for more than 30 years but I have to be in my home country for at least once a year for these last few years if I can afford to and have enough for the flight. Blogging helps me for my travel expenses.

            • That’s good to hear, @thelme55….I wish I’d started blogging and working online while I was still in England. I really could have done so well for myself, not to mention all the money I could’ve made LOL

    • I too wish I had more free time for traveling. I do adjust leaves for my vacation, but leaves never seem enough for travel adventures.

    • i wish to visit japan or korea if i have enough money and courage to fly by airplane

      • @peachpurple, I love flying! For me, it’s a huge part of travelling. I feel so free and liberated when I’m up in the air 🙂

      • Japan and Korea sound like fab holiday destinations. I imagine I’d have a field day at all the beauty counters, because I love Asian beauty products 🙂