• Admin posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago


    The fact that you are not being forthcoming makes me believe that you are still untrustworthy. Here is the evidence you requested. Noname

    • I have seen that and I have already deleted it just like you requested earlier. All posts that I made today are deleted.
      What is the solution or the way forward?

      • This happened because I shared my profile with someone I know. They could not register their own profile.

        That is why I deleted everything posted today which shows that I admitted the mistake.

      • I’m sorry but until I’m able to put some additional limits and filters in place to help keep people honest, I’m going to have to keep your points turned off for the time being. You still have use of your blogs and you can regain some of my trust by posting only unique original and high quality content to them.

        • I am also sorry that until you put the additional limits and filters in place, I will not be using any of the blogs.

          You created blogjob with a reason, that reason made me join and if it is missing, I will not be interested anymore.

          • The reason I created the site was to be able to give back, not to be cheated and lied to. It’s apparent that we don’t see things the same. So it’s probably best that we part ways.