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    I love to travel, but unfortunately I don’t have the time and financial means to travel a lot and discover the world yet.

    • Every body not every body most of the people have this problem of time and money. Now I have time but not that much enough money. After 18 years I am visited other country USA that is prepaid trip by my son. I am not able to invest that much money for my trip.

    • Yes, financial means are a big one. You have to save and save!

    • I also wish I had enough money to travel all four corners of the world. I’d probably take 2-3 holidays per year!

    • Hello @sebaonciu I love travelling but it doesn’t mean its a must to out in your country I think it’s better to start to travel in your country before you travel outside the country. I ‘m planning to travel abroad maybe when I’m ready financially. But the best thing to start travel is to start in your country explore unfamiliar places like waterfalls. I hope it helps. 🙂

      • Hello @John Edu You are absolutely right: exploring all the corners of our own countries is the best thing to do when the budget doesn’t allow us to travel abroad. I am blessed to live in an extremely beautiful country, with plenty of natural and cultural treasures to discover, and there are still regions I haven’t visited yet, so I will follow your advice and try to get to know the entire country before discovering other more remote territories.

    • Yeah, the are many places I would love to visit, but just not possible to visit every destination.