• SadieMarie posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    I have about 6 videos out of 100 that have less then 100 views. Once all my videos have 100 views or more I will make another one. After that my goal will be to get all my videos 200 views each before making more videos and so on and so fourth until all my videos have at least 1000 views each!!

    • The trick to getting more views is collaboration. You have to do joint videos with other people with roughly the same viewership as you.

    • It’s sort of like guest blogging for videos.

      • I agree your right! I would love to collaborate or even cross promote with another youtuber but have no idea how I would find them @robert_stukowski any suggestions? Maybe messaging them on youtube?

        • You do it by searching YouTube for videos in your niche with roughly the same view counts and subscribers as you. You then message them through YouTube to request a joint video or two. Joint videos are videos that offer several Youtubers in one video. There are two forms of this. One is just guest blogging with videos. The other is all parties make separate videos of the same event or group encounter on their own channels. Which you should do is niche dependent, So, I suggest looking at videos from others in your niche for ideas.