• Kyla Matton Osborne posted an update in the group Group logo of Writers' AccountabilityWriters' Accountability 4 years, 4 months ago

    Is everyone having a fairly easy time accessing BlogJob again, now? Anybody still seeing the site down at times?

    • nope, it seems that BJ is going well right now, no glitches yet

      except for one problem, I cannot leave comments on post. I can leave on the front page only. Have you tried that?

    • Not having a problem signing in but my blog loads slowly. Don’t know if it’s my laptop, my browsers, or a plugin or something. They say if your page doesn’t load quickly people don’t hang around. Of course, since it’s my blog I hang around until it loads. When it does finally load it looks fine. Have another question about advertising revenue share and will post it as a separate inquiry.

      • I am not having no problems logging on or with posting. I have been doing a lot of school work lately. Half done with my last course before internship and dissertation.

    • I had no trouble logging in to blogjob today.