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    Bill asked his Granny how old she was. Rather than giving him a straight answer, she replied:

    “I have 6 children, and there are 4 years between each one and the next. I had my first child (your Uncle Peter) when I was 19. Now the youngest one (Your Auntie Jane) is 19 herself. That’s all I’m telling you!”

    How old is Bill’s Granny?

    • Difficult eh? No takers so far. Make a wild guess!

      • The answer is 58, and I’m not guessing.

        Granny had her first child when she was 19 and her youngest 20 years later when she was 39. Now, 19 years later, she is 58.

        • Well done. Thats right!
          She is quite young for a granny, but thats because she had her first child at 19 years!

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