• rextrulove posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Our zucchini finally has a small zuke on it. I don’t think that the other three have any blossoms yet, but the cucumbers and cantaloupe sure do. The tomatoes are packed with blossoms, too, and I have several seedlings that need to be planted. They’ll probably go into pots. I planted some raspberry bushes today, too. Mostly, I can’t wait to start eating zucchinis.

    • My moms zucchinis are growing and will soon be ready to pick. I am planning on making bread with the first one I get from them.

      • @wolfgirl569, a neighbor is already beginning to harvest zukes from his plants. He gave me two this morning, so when we finally have dinner, one of the side dishes we have (and it is already done) is zucchini parmesan.

        I’ll be making bread later on, too. I have a bunch of dried currants, dried cranberries and raisins to put in it. I also make it with stevia instead of sugar, because our pastor loves it and he’s diabetic.