• rextrulove posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    I love this weather! It was hot day before yesterday, it rained all day yesterday with the highs right around 60 F, and it is sunny today. Highs are expected to get to the mid 70’s. By the middle to late part of next week, though, our temps are due to be in the high 90’s to over 100 (around 38 C).

    Today, I plan on planting a willow tree here (white willow). I rooted it from a trimming off a large, beautiful tree. I also want to plant two of my mammoth pumpkin plants, and I want to plant some ghost pumpkins for one of the people I help with yardwork. If I can and still have the energy, then I need to start putting down bark mulch on one of the longer church flowerbeds.

    • Just like where I am at. Sometimes it just feels too hot and humid.

      • It feels that way today, but it didn’t yesterday. It isn’t all that much hotter than it was yesterday, but the soil is soggy and drying out, so the humidity is high.

        • It usually rains in spots but starting Monday through Thursday there is a chance for thunderstorms, but being Louisiana the weather changes in minutes it seems.

          • @marky2016, it is that way here in the Rockies, too, usually. This next week, though, it is supposed to be in the 90’s all week. Since it is normally hotter here at home than what they say officially, I suspect that we’ll have a day or two that is over 100. Thankfully, it will probably be getting down to the high 50’s at night. I know full well that all my yard work is going to be done in the early morning. lol

    • Been so hot and humid here with very little rain

      • @nana, that is the thing. We got less than normal snow during the winter, so I figured that fire season would start in the first week of June. However, since April, it has rained here every 2-4 days and it has been drenching rains. Our fire danger is still low and it is almost July. The average start of fire season here is between the third week in June and the first of July, so we’ve had a much damper spring than normal, with below normal temperatures.

        Our weather over the last half decade has been a great indicator that ‘global warming’ doesn’t exist and never has. Unfortunately, a few people still believe in it, though the number is dwindling. 😀

        • We’re hot and humid here but the rain is forecast for the next week and temperature will be in upper eighties

          • Yesterday and today have been in the mid 90’s (35 C) yesterday and today, but this morning at about 2:30, there was a strong thunderstorm with almost constant lightning strikes. With it came an enormous amount of rain (for here). It dropped about an inch of rain in maybe a half hour.