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    • Iam happy to see you here @rextrulove. I hope you can share some valuable input for discussion.

      • I don’t know how valuable it will be, @gayathri. It does seem to me, though, that terrorism is an excellent example of what happens when men follow man’s laws instead of following God’s laws. If people were more rational and logical, thousands would repent and start following our loving God, turning away from the wickedness of the world, every time one of these cowardly attacks happen. Unfortunately, people are neither rational nor logical.

        If you think about it, a terrorist attack is a lot like rape. There is only one purpose for it; power. They seek to control, have power over people and they delight in pain and suffering, particularly of the innocent. A first year bible student would be able to pick up on who the terrorists are following, since the bible is explicit about who seeks to control, destroy and kill innocents; Satan. Terrorists are merely the tools of Satan, who is bent on controlling, destroying and killing. I pity these rapists/terrorists and pray that they might turn away from the ways of Satan, who has already been defeated.

        • Very true @rextrulove! No religion preaches terrorism. I don’t know why people are mad enough to do all this in the name of religion.

          • Religion is just an excuse that evil people are using in a vain attempt to justify their wicked beliefs and actions. It doesn’t fool anyone, or at least shouldn’t, but they apparently need to feel justified. Justification is a thinking error, but they clearly don’t know it.

        • Yeah, when we start rebelling against god, the evil one finds a way to exploit

          • You are very right, @realityspeaks. There is a lot of truth in the statement, “He who knows not that he walks in darkness will not seek the light.” It is really sad that a lot of these people don’t even realize that they are doing wrong.