• rextrulove posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    One of the ladies that goes to our church has noticed the work I’ve been doing on the flowerbeds there. She has asked me to plant and take care of her own flowerbeds, and will pay me for it. It is especially appealing because she lives right across the street from the church. Naturally, I said, “YES.”

    I was planning on starting on her flower beds after doing some work on those at the church today. I still probably will, but there is an annoying issue. A few minutes ago, it was snowing. That won’t stop me, but it is a minor bother.

    • Waoh thats great. You must have done a good job. Keep it up

    • That was nice of you to accept the job. I’m sure that she must have been impressed by what you did at the church or she wouldn’t have asked. 🙂 I love doing jobs for others, especially if it’s something that I enjoy. Maybe you’ll be able to share a few photos with us. 🙂 I haven’t decided on flowers varieties yet. Each year is an opportunity to start fresh again. I have many perennials, but I plant annuals too. Thanks to God for the flowers. I appreciate them so much. 🙂

      • @kimdalessandro, what I especially like about it is that not only can I move at my own pace, both she and the church are giving me free reign in regard to what I plant. The lady, Judy, wants perennials, but she basically just showed me her flower beds and asked me what could be planted there. She will pick up whatever bulbs I suggest, the next time she goes to Costco.

        I’d considered planting glads, but I don’t think I will. Our winters are usually so bitter that I’d need to dig glads up every year and store them over the winter. The other plants that I have in mind won’t need that.

        Judy did say that she wished that she could have some asparagus, though, and when she showed me around, I saw a perfect place for an asparagus bed. 😀

    • Well, the travel would be a bit cost prohibitive, @barbrad. 😀 I know what you mean, though. The guy who had been formerly taking care of the church grounds simply mowed everything down once it was finished blooming! Not only that, half of the flowerbeds (the section I’m working on now) was filled with rocks so he wouldn’t even have to do that.

      I’m getting down on my knees and pulling those rocks up, tossing them into a wheel borrow, then putting them in a pile out behind the church to be hauled off later. When I get done with that, I need to weed, the turn the soil over and finally plant. I do have a before picture of it, though. I’ll share ‘after’ pictures once it is all planted and blooming. South side, eastern half

      • This is a closeup of part of the upper end of this image. Most of the weeds that are growing up among the rocks are a plant called henbit…a type of edible mint which I’m not going to harvest. lol close up

    • I’m gradually getting rid of the rocks, one wheel borrow at a time, then I will decide what to plant there. I have the flowerbeds in front of the old building done and planted. Thankfully the weather has been nice the last couple days.

      It sounds like your gardener has no clue what kale looks like. It is a hardy plant, so if enough was left, it might recover. Still, it sounds like he needs a refresher in what plants you don’t want to lose and at times, it could be necessary to point the plants out while repeating a dozen time that you don’t want them to be chopped, spindled, folded or mutilated.

      • @barbrad, it might be a good time to sit down and have a talk with him. You are the one who is paying. You know what you want and he clearly doesn’t. If he wants to continue getting paid, he needs to start doing the job you want him to do. He might even find that it is a lot less effort. 🙂