• peachpurple posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    @thelme55 I had just registered zazzle but I am having some trouble with the payment setting. Since you and me are not living in USA, we have to fill up the W-8 BEN form
    Did you fill up and email to them or just ignore it? Otherwise, how do you get your payment?

    • Hi @peachpurple, I have not filled up the payment setting yet. I am still busy with designing but I will check that this evening. Maybe @younghopes can help us because she´s a zazzler designer too and I think she lives in India.

    • Hi @peachpurple @thelme55 Yes i have been designing at zazzle and i made the same mistake as you people. I kept on designing without filling in the w8 form, i felt once i reach $50 i will submit. You know it took me more than a year to get payment from them !!!! Yes, i submitted my form via fax, they said they wont accept by mail at that time (dont know now) and then i was asked to wait for 7-8 weeks. I then kept on mailing them and again i have to resubmit the form two months back Only then i have been paid by them. They are very very critical so make sure what you fill in the form is exactly the same you have added in account settings too. They take many months to pay for the first timers as i saw, so my advice is just fill up the form and then design. Sorrryyyyyyy for the long commment….