• Payton replied to the topic What sites do you use? in the forum Group logo of Web Cam ModelsWeb Cam Models 6 years, 7 months ago

    I always use chaturbate, granted the pay rate isn’t that high, but I love the vibe. Also, the pay days that I love as well 🙂 Considering it is direct deposit.. On chaturbate you can do hidden cam and set the setting to people who only tipped.. They have certain apps and games to make the tips keep coming in 🙂 Or you can do a private show and who ever buys a ticket gets the password 🙂 They have private shows as well you just have to change into the setting so no spys can see, but for a spy to see they pay still.. I would never do a skype show it’s just a waste of time, but that’s my opinion 🙂