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  • So each day I try to write enough through blogging to make 29 dollars per day. I now need to make a little more then 11 dollars so I was trying to come up with brainstorms on what I could write as I would need to […]

  • ReddX Xbox One

    If you can’t get enough of all the upvoting, downvoting, senseless circle-jerking and all the crap-posting that comes with maintaining a strong presence on Reddit, then you’re going to love being able to take all that lovable social media madness with you onto the Xbox One. That’s right, Microsoft rolled out a new app called ReddX, and no it’s not a pr0n app no matter how close to sounds like one. It’s actually designed to snap to side of the Xbox One so you can participate in Reddit’s activity without actually having to be situated in front of a monitor at a computer desk.

    The news came in fast and furious in the wee hours of the night, when a PR sent out word that Microsoft had an update for the Xbox One to make socializing and social media a much easier thing to get associated with on the big black box.

    A video was actually made available by Larry “Major ‘Flip Switcher Nelson” Hryb demonstrating how the new app works, as well as some of the benefits of trying to whore your time to post-spamming for some of that Reddit gold and sweet, sweet karma.

    Now if you don’t mind filling your brain with the sort of media-oriented junk food some individuals label MTV as, then you’re going to absolutely love the fact that a brand new MTV app is also made available on the Xbox One, so it’s now easier than ever to watch TV on your TV with MTV.

    I still don’t really see the point of a console focusing on television media over video games… especially when it’s supposed to be a video game console. But that ship of criticism has already sailed… since May 21st, 2013.


    And finally, has been updated for the Xbox One so that now users can watch whatever five of their other friends are watching. As silly as that sounds… that’s actually not too bad. I mean, Twitch is all about the social media experience so I’ve got no gripes about that.

    Additionally, Kinect will auto-zoom now on users during live-streams to make it more convenient when recording. Also, you’ll be able to use that cheap plastic headset Microsoft was coerced to include in the Xbox One package back last year when they were all proud about having people buy AA Duracell batteries for their controllers.

    You can learn more about the new ReddX – and no, it’s not pr0n – update, which is currently available, by visiting the official Xbox news wire website.

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    Made my point goal of getting to 10,000 points today. Trying to earn $29 per day blogging. $13.12 more to go.

    • That is good but try not to be a SPAM in your own blog. Good content will get your blog higher in search engines. The result is more readers for your blog. What do you think?

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    Jimmy Fallon takes on ALS Ice Bucket challenge. I think this one tops the charts!!

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  • 891 points left to go 18 more blogs think I’m going to try to write for an hour now. 🙂

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  • With respect like anyone else.

  • Hate finishing books… Always feels like something in my life has disappeared whenever I’m done reading a book.

  • Edge of Space

    Handyman Studios unleashed a massive content update for their side-scrolling, emergent, space-survival game, Edge of Space. The new update brings along a ton of sweet and sexy features, including procedurally generated dungeons so you’ll get random encounters, loot and bad guys to face down against in unique and unpredictable ways. They’ve also added in the first set of operable vehicles that players can pilot to their heart’s content. Additionally, better performance upgrades and new factions have also been included, making this one of the most significant updates for Edge of Space yet.

    One of the new “pilotable vehicles” is actually a space raptor. No, I’m not kidding and you’re not high (or maybe you are, I don’t really know; I don’t live in Colorado or Washington).

    Edge of Space has always prided itself on dangerously wacky concepts and they definitely don’t disappoint here. I mean, this is the same game that sports a flying shark with laser beams, and a trolling polar bear with back-mounted rocket cannons. Is a space raptor so hard to wrap your brain around after you deal with a laser-shark?

    Jake Crane, lead designer and founder of Handyman Studios dropped some information bombs in the press release, stating that…

    “Pilotable vehicles are definitely a major feature for Edge of Space, and we took a big step in this patch by bringing the first of many to come,” … “Another huge feature is the first integration of randomly-generated, dynamic dungeons where players will confront unique creatures, sinister traps, and mini-bosses for exclusive loot. And of course, with help from our awesome and growing community, there are several smaller improvements and bug fixes, bringing a tighter and much more polished experience.”

    If the random dungeons and raptor mount sounds too intriguing to pass up, you can snag a glimpse at the features in the screenshots below. Check it out.
    Content from Edge of Space – Screenshots
    I’ve always loved Edge of Space, even though I haven’t had a lot of time to play it. I’ve followed the game since its grassroots in the indie scene when it was trying to gain some legs to stand on during the IndieGoGo campaign, all the way up to its addition to Steam Greenlight, and even into its release on Early Access. The game is like a more hardcore version of Starbound with bigger guns, better guns, more explosions, more dangers and plenty of sci-fi inspired content from some of the best films, shows and significant cultural media artforms that helped shape the genre.

    You can scope out a list of some of the game’s updated features in the latest patch below, or you can pay a kind visit to the game’s official website to learn more about Edge of Space. You can grab a digital copy right now from the Steam Early Access platform.

    Greatly Improved Gameplay Experience: Thanks to the amazing feedback of the growing EOS community, this update delivers a huge assortment of bug fixes and improvements that include:

    Ambient occlusion
    Improved user interactions
    Massive lighting optimization
    Vastly improved rendering that allows for consistently higher frame rates
    Improved weapon fire rate and feel

    Pilotable Vehicles: Includes the fast and agile Space Raptor Mount and multi-person Loader Lifter vehicle
    Dynamic Dungeons: Randomly generated dungeons that will feature unique enemies, mini-bosses, and exclusive items


  • If you don’t take any action, don’t ever expect a reaction. Simple Physics.

  • I don’t know if I’ve broken someones heart before, because honestly, I’m not the one who realizes things. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how cold I am, how little I care about others feelings, and that may be true. My heart has gotten broken once and I believe that after you’ve gotten your heart broken, you become as cold as a stone.

  • moonphased wrote a new post, An amazing day, on the site Personal 6 years, 9 months ago

    Today has been rather a fantastic day. I had a good nights sleep, slept for about 11 hours (oops, who can tell I was exhausted). After I got up, I took a very, very long shower since it was freezing cold in my […]

  • moonphased wrote a new post, Regrets, on the site Personal 6 years, 9 months ago

    I try not to have so many regrets because there’s no reason for why I should have them, but still, I’ve got a lot of regrets (some of them not as big as others) and I’m going to write about three in this post. […]

    • we usually regret on things we did not do, so go ahead and do it

      • Well, I don’t regret anything I haven’t done, I’m usually the one doing the things I want, but when it comes to school, that’s something else… I know I should have graduated, but I’m going to try getting back to school next year, if I’ve recovered.

    • I hope you would realized your goal to go back to school

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