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  • By: Neal Sayatovich

    The world cup is full of happy moments and heart breaking realizations. Bosnia and Herzegovina got to experience the heart break after their 1-0 loss to Nigeria, eliminating them from the contention to advance.

    While this in of itself is not wrong, how this happened is angering to any fan. The controversy started when Edin Dzeko scored the opening goal on a through ball. After the ball ripped into the back of the net the celebrations began. These joyous moments were cut short when the players noticed the raised offside flag.

    The fan’s ire were vindicated when review showed the Dzeko was WAY onside when the ball was passed. After that call Bosnia’s morale tanked, you could see it in their eyes.

    Things went downhill as Nigeria scored and Bosnia was unable to equalize. Of course now the question lingers about what should happen. I know what most of us want to happen, but FIFA will not do it. I believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina should be given the goal and the result should be changed to a draw.

    While I understand how this would cause an uproar among Nigeria fans, it is not right that a country be sent home because of a broken system. What FIFA should do is institute a replay system to verify an offside call ONLY if a goal is scored. Bosnia is the latest victim of a broken system and unfortunately their first world cup ends on a sad note.

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  • By: Neal Sayatovich

    It’s no secret, USA’s win over Ghana was dramatic and emotional. The emotional happiness was replaced in just a few hours by a battery of complaints and grievances launched by the MLS website and many other analysts. Instead of granting time to enjoy a hard fought and, in a few ways, historic win; analysts want to start knocking on their perceived fallacies.

    I’m calling out Matt Doyle of for this one. I respect Mr. Doyle as an analyst and he does a great job with the MLS. That said, reading his big recap article made me scratch my head. Below is one of the headlines from his big recap about head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

    “Klinsmann screwed up his roster selection.”

    … Really? The coach who got us to beat Ghana for the first time in eight years, and he messed up? Seriously what are we expecting, a 5-0 win every week? No coach is perfect and you would think that people would be happy for the win. Instead I read lines like this:

    “Klinsmann didn’t deliver the soccer revolution he promised – not even close.”

    I want to personally congratulate analysts who have successfully foretold our future from one game. In fact, I wonder why we even sent the team at all when they could have told us how we would end up. Obviously I have been misinformed and should have been expecting some new golden age of soccer. In fact, for the match against Portugal I’m going to ask a gypsy who will win. Hell I will probably get a more positive and logical conclusion

    All I can do is keep looking over my notes and wondering why is there so much hatred of Klinsmann. Sure, he may not make popular decisions on some subjects like Landon Donavon (Here is my take on that). Some people are saying his training program is the reason for the injuries. None of this is proven, but yet all of the negativity is washing out the positives.

    My closing point is this, results matter and injuries happen. Here is a simple twist, USA won a game that needed to be won and yes, there were some rough parts, but all in all a win is a win. Thus we should enjoy the wins, especially against good teams. Here is Mr. Doyle’s full article.

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    So yesterday I was flicking through my Facebook page, when I came across an interesting post about Dana White sacking a fighter for shoving a Referee after he put a stop to a fight. It was one […]

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  • By: Neal Sayatovich

    So in preparation for the world cup I am looking at what the experts say. I respect what my fellow analysts say… most of the time. Then, while watching a preview from when one analyst said that “Russia is one of the worst teams in the entire competition.”

    At that moment my jaw hit the floor.

    My roommates only heard, “are you #$%^ing serious!?!?” come from my room. I was in complete shock when they predicted South Korea AND Algeria to beat them. If fact, I’m wondering if they know anything about that squad at all. So here are some facts to prove my belief that not all analyst have removed their heads from the… special places:

    Qualified 1st in their group (Above Portugal).

    Record: 7W-1D-2L

    Goals For: T-1st, 20 (tied with Portugal)

    Goals Against: 1st, 5

    Goal Difference: +15

    Played Portugal Twice: Lost one 1-0, won the other 1-0

    While they are by no means the best team there, it’s mindless to say they are one of the worst teams because they don’t score 3+ points a game and prefer to be defensive. I think it is possible they beat Belgium. This seasoned defense frustrates teams… And that is not including keeper Igor Akinfeev and his iron wall.

    While all sports are subject to opinion, I wanted to call out about that comment. If Russia does well it shows I’m a genius. At the very least this shows check your facts and not just agree with everyone on television.

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