• misswulans posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Crochet cellphone case by MissWulans 20150906184020

    • I like them. Simple, serviceable and pretty. Do you sell them online anywhere?

      • hello @nona I use social media (line, fb, instagram) to promote my crochet. I heard about a site called etsy a place to sell and buy handmade, but I havent tried it. Do you sell your DIY too?

        • I have sold stuff on Etsy in the past. I’ve not made much since my second son was born so I haven’t really had antyhing to list. I have sold jewelry, art and cross stitch. There are other places to sell handcrafted online but I never put a lot of effort into them.

          Tell you what, if you ever decide to join Etsy and start a shop and use this link: then you and I both get 40 listings without having to play the listing fee! (But you have to open a shop, not just an account)

          • I use the same name for my twitter, line and instagram accounts MissWulans, but I realize i use my native language when I post something in those sites so I’m making another account in English MissWulans_craft

            Thanks for the suggestion I will finish my customer’s order first then I will join etsy, I currently have 15 bags order for my local customers .

        • I forgot. What is your instagram? I’m on there as nonersays