Be Water

    Be Water

    There was a River, once, and it flowed through a valley called Life. For a time it meandered here and there, no worry and no care, always seeking the lowest point, for that was its will. A day came when the River found its strength hindered by a Mountain. The River crashed and bashed against rock walls, and found they couldn’t be surmounted. Thunderous sounds and shaking earth erupted from the summit, while the sun sank to hide her eyes from the coming destruction. The River knew what to do and carved its way inside. Rushing wave peeled rock and stone and cast it to the side. While deep within the mountain groaned and let its anger known. The River never slowed its pace, not willing to abide. Rock withdrew and stone fell back and the River flowed on through, gleaming in the sun once hid by the Mountain made anew. 

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  • So a GUY and his wife and daughter hide from their cat in a closet. The cat was apparently homicidal, so the GUY ushered his wife and daughter into a closet after the cat had scratched his kid, and commenced to hide from the fucking 2 pound furball. In a closet. For hours. They called 911

    I’m going to express my befuddlement through a bunch of dots…………………………………………………………………………….

    But seriously, what the fuck is wrong with dudes nowadays. I’m the first to blame women, well not so much women as societal demands of how women should act, but now I just think dudes are bitch made as hell. Please, I wish an animal would approach my daughter aggressively, be it dog or a fucking tiger, I would kill that animal or die trying. Any fucking human, for that matter, bearing gun, knife or rocket launcher will die by my bare hands if they threaten my family. My kin will walk away scratchless and by no means will anyone I know hide in a closet.

    What happened to a man being a man? What happened to the code. A man tries or dies protecting his. I would kill myself if I allowed anyone I love to come to harm. I’ve always been that way. But I guess being too masculine goes against PC regulations. Skinny jeans and Gangnam style turned everybody into fags. ( PC Disclaimer: When I say fag I mean a weak person not a flaming homo.)

  • Yea me too. I’m still working on it, lol.

  • God and I had a falling out years ago. I had this conviction that he took from my life the best person ever and I hated him for it. It changed me. For many years after that I’d call his wraith upon me, beg for it. “Prove your existence” I’d say, “Strike me down if you’re real”, I’d scream. To no avail and that strengthened my disbelief. My anger grew and my hate festered and I reached a point where the mention of God made my blood boil.

    I knew God, before, I knew his Word and I knew his Will, and I understood it and praised it. I read his written word and listened to his sermon. I loved his Son, Mary, Joseph, the Disciples and all the saints as a good Catholic should. And I recognized God’s righteous wraith. But I never understood it. And I still don’t. Does he take away his most dedicated servants to be in heaven with him? For what? What will she do there that she couldn’t have done better here?

    This rant has no happy ending, I still lack any feeling towards the Creator. I don’t deny his existence. Actually, the more I learn, the more apparent it is that some higher power created this reality, the possibility of life beginning is so minuscule that there had to have been an outside influence. What I do deny is his unconditional love for humanity. I won’t go so far as to say we’re pawns in a cosmic game of chess, because we’re less than that.  We’re ants to a sadistic, omnipotent child with a magnifying glass.

  • I’ve been a “bad” person. I’ve been egotistical, selfish, jealous, hateful, and all the other negative emotions associated with humanity. Over the years, however, I have tried to formulate a belief system that’s […]

    • The world would be a better place if more people thought like this. Sorry I deleted my last comment. I read it later and could barely understand it myself. I realize it takes a lot more writing skill than I have to clearly communicate what I believe in, but your writing was easy for me to understand so great job. I know it isn’t easy to write about these things. Have a good one.

    • I’ve advocated empathy since I was a child. In between cookies and naps, the one thing I learned in Kindergarten was to treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s a twenty plus years in progress process.

    • Yea me too. I’m still working on it, lol.

  • The first priority of this blog is to provide myself with a platform to practice writing. The second is to flood the interweb with even more needless, pointless and ultimately unwanted opinions. That is the point of a blog, right? Maybe not, but no one can stop me. Muhahahahaha!

    I want to write on topics that I typically don’t or can’t when creating content for clients and freelance writing sites. Humorous, serious, political, religious, pointless and all or none of the above will be my arena. Hopefully, this will give me a chance to practice different styles of writing and, maybe just maybe, start some legitimate conversation.

    Now that I think about it, I’d also like this blog to double as a showcase for my, admittedly, slowly progressing writing skills;  a portfolio of sorts. This will be an evolving concept, one that will hopefully allow potential clients to check out my work and contact me if they should desire.

    So, be ready for the weird, the inane and, possibly, the thought-provoking.


    • I for one think you have some pretty good opinions and I really enjoy your writing style as well. So I’ll be definitely checking out what you have to say.

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