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    Tracey Jade Boyer - "This is my new website for selling off my craft materials and supplies. I used to be a professional crafter, and since I no longer am, I am selling all my materials and supplies. The items up are most all of my […]"View
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    waflay - "I tried to access this site yesterday but I couldn’t…"View
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    peachpurple - "@kimdalessandro Is it true that Blogjob is coming back soon? Paying us soon?"View
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    cmoneyspinner - "I am not familiar with Prosperent and how to use it, which is why I did not connect. I think I have an account but I’m even confused by that. Don’t know how to navigate and access features."View
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    SadieMarie - "I am working hard, trying to share my blog posts. Going to try to aim for the professional blogger project here this month. I hope that I can make it happen!"View
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    Pragati - "Remember ? A few days ago I posted something about Chatting with a Good looking guy. He has a Great Personality. One of our common Friends call him “The Quintessential Alpha Male” And it totally suits him. I think […]"View
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    henry - "I am trying to update my old site to catch up with time. You are all welcome to take a look http://www.biggainsideas.com . I also welcome any suggestions to improve it."View
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    xelaiehm - "hi peeps! how’s going on here.. it’s been awhile.."View
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    Kimberly Brown - "On this am checking out the site."View
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    nerdieeds - "Hello All!"View
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    Andria Perry - "Who is writing here?"View
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    Ingrid - "Good morning"View
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    aabeck - "so this is amazing … been craving pancakes and so i made smores pancakes and that is my 2:22 am snack.. that i should not be eating"View
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    Alyssa - "It sucks how I am 26 points away from getting money but I have nothing left to say!"View
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    Henning - "Whats new about me? Well I am soon coming back here for more insights. I have been without my pc for 3 weeks to a month, something with the previous installation Windows 8. I was just sitting and reevaluating my […]"View
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    gma2-3 - "Hi everyone!! I am just now to where I can check in again!! I hope that you all had a very good Thanksgiving and that you are all finding things that you are thankful for!"View
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    iyanpol12 - "I actually miss it here."View
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    luciaanna - "@sheridan Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Now it’s possible to open the page of BlogJob. Unfortunately, I think that at present I will not post any blog because my husband has some health problems, so […]"View
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    Wendy Rahilly - "Hey everyone! Haven’t been on in a while. Thought I’d pop in and say hello. Looking to do some more serious blogging! 🙂"View
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    Zacc - "Let me thank Blogjob for this great opportunity. Since I joined this platform, I used my Blogjob blog as part of my resume and fortunately landed other jobs. Thank you so much @Sheridan and be blessed"View
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