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    What does blind faiths means?

    • Blind faith is faith in something or someone blindly . It happens when you believe in something like some kind of rituals etc or in some person like some kind of saints etc and every word they speak without thinking about whether or not what they are saying or asking you to do make sense or not, whether it is morally acceptable or not. Like, if someone ask you to kill ten ducks to increase the milk giving capacity of your cow and you obey him then you are having a blind faith in him.

      There is one more meaning of this blind faith but it is more related to devotion in God. There are times when circumstances of our life make us to doubt not only on the helping nature of God but also in his existence.However, If you still keep faith on God no matter how bad situation of life is then it is like having Blind faith on God but it is more suitable to say this as devotion of God , and not as blind faith.

      • i am a born again christian and although i do not see the image of God he is so evident in the people i meet and creation