• Mark Graham posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    I am actually writing for some very small sites as well as tutorials for a few teaching/tutoring sites.

    • that sounds interesting and cool. what are you teaching?

      • I mainly teach or write book reviews on the sites that I signed up for. I used to teach Infants and toddlers. That was a very fun job and the parents liked me.

    • What’s your are of expertise and how did you get the small sites to hire you? Is the pay worth your effort?

      • The small sites that ‘hired’ me are tiny cent and niume. I am writing and the little bit does help, but I am still applying to other bigger freelance sites.

        • Have heard good things about Niume. Seen some good content being published there. The last word I heard about tinycent was that they were not paying as promised. Not sure. Maybe that is just an individual experience. Anyway! Hope it works for you. Thank you for responding. 🙂 You’re a teacher, so you could probably lists and write something about each item easily. A site like Listverse might work well for you. I want to try them but I don’t think I’m worthy. 🙁