• Home again. Fun weekend!

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    Cashed out yesterday and I’m already back at 800 points. (: very happy with this

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    Hi everyone. I am glad to join this group and letting you know that I will be a regular contributor of how everyone can earn online. Thank you for the group.

  • I posted the vegan waffles and ice cream in my new group Vegan recipes. Check it out!

  • I used to not be the biggest fan of Swagbucks. It seemed not worth it as they only paid half of what other sites paid. Recently I discovered that Swagbucks IS worth it. It may not pay as much for a lot of activities, but it has activities you can do that only they have. These are the daily poll, games, NOSO, and Swagbucks TV. Swagbucks also has one of my favorite things, a daily bonus. ย They give a bonus of $7.15 every month. Unlike other sites where you have to be putting in a lot of effort to get your bonus, you only have to put in a minimum of barely 15 minutes a day. (most of that time is checking back while doing something else) I will explain below what I do to reach the daily goal of 30 points every day.

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    How To Make $16 a Month With Minimal Effort:

    Do the daily poll for 1 Swagbuck.
    Do the NOSO for 2 Swagbucks.
    Play Swag Jump from the “Play” section 10 times. (2 Swagbucks every 2 games) You will have another 10 Swagbucks now.
    Open Swagbucks TV and pick any random video.
    Continue browsing the internet while you let the video play, switching it to a new one every time you get 10% SB Meter.
    You will need to “watch” 50 videos to gain 15 Swagbucks.
    Finally, you need to go to surveys and disqualify for at least 1 and you should have your last Swagbuck you need for your goal.

    Payment Proof:


  • I will soon be promoting a baby food line at one of my local Babies R Us store. Once it’s over, I just might be able to give the leftovers to my hon’s cousin. She is currently expecting a second child some time in October with her man and they have a year old daughter. A girl and a boy real soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Babies are just the cutest thing!!! Ever!!!!

    • That is a great idea I do think. Babies steal my heart away. They are so innocent.

      • Yeah. I saw some cute ones of where I was. It was very tempting to not want to pinch their cheeks. ha ha ha Bad enough that I go nuts on my 4 year old everyday because she’s still so cute. I do love babies still.

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    Good morning everyone hope evwryone has a good day

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    Just blogging good morning

  • I started blogging to promote my new show coming out in the fall 2014. The show is about my opinions on NBA BASKETBALL, it’s easier to do that kind of stuff in NY. But first write out your ideas about your favorite hobby and try to put on TV, youtube or even public access channel.

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    I wanted to share my ten year old granddaughter learned to water ski