• anthony davis posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    What’s new? I would have to say, there are things going on in this world that can keep you up at night, that’s what.
    The Zika Virus is in Florida, I think it is in Tampa now. Babies are being born with shrunken in heads. Turkey got hit by more terrorist attacks recently. My roof has a leak somewhere and I spent the past few days spreading black roofing cement under the flaps of the asphalt shingles over exposed nails to help reduce water leaks. I posted Happy Birthday to a person on Facebook and their brother asked me to remove it because it was causing people to ask questions. About what? exactly? I have some idea. So I deleted my salutation and from that point I declared I would never post another comment on Facebook again. At least for a while that is.

    • I say, you sound pretty busy and so is the world, sick with humans problem

      • I am 6 months late replying to your last reply here. So far I have been writing on myLot a lot and Personapaper less often and keeping tabs on the latest YouTube Space discoveries and documentaries. I am kind of active on Facebook but not really. I had to downgrade my PC to Windows 7 from Windows 10 and now I am much happier.