• Brooke posted an update 5 years ago

    @laurie1979 Hey, haven’t talked to you in a long time. How are you?

  • Nana posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    @laurie1979 Have a great evening

    • Thanks. Sorry that it took ten months later to respond back. I’m back!! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been away from here. I wondered what I was thinking of not coming back on here every single day.

  • Jessica posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    @laurie1979 Sorry if the friendship request I sent seems random but I remember you from Chat About and I’m trying to find others I’m familiar with.

    • @Jessica Thanks for finding me. As you can see, I pretty much ditch CA because of their new point system. I am not happy with how things are going especially since a lot of us like making money on there. And to top that even more, we have to spend more time being on there in order to get the bare minimum? Hell no!!! I need to work on sites that…[Read more]

    • Hey Jessica. It’s been more than a while since we talk to each other on here. How are things going for you? I definitely do miss this site since I’m back on here.

  • matt posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    @laurie1979 Hello to my lost long friend 🙂 that picture of you in front of the beers are so fitting for you lol

    made me laugh. so this where everyone is hiding 😛

    • Lol Hi Matt. Yes. We all ditch ChatAbout for this place and as you can tell, you know why we left CA.

      Lol Oh thanks a lot. Yes. I decided to take a pic where I got drowned out by beer bottles. Ha ha

      • yes, i am really thinking of leaving chatabout. i rarely get on there other then to make a few points here and there i been so busy doing other things. and the only time i got on was to talk to someone. then i noticed they changed their cash system now it will take me forever to make money from that site. Brooke told me about this place so i came…[Read more]

        • Awww. Miss talking to you too. We were talking about lots of stuff. Sucks that ChatAbout is getting worse. Oh well. Their fault. Their recent point system doesn’t benefit everyone.. So gladBrooke told you about this place. It’s neat. 🙂
          My hon is doing good. I still do promotions and this month is the most I make from doing promos. Not only happy…[Read more]

          • yes we will have to catch up again. i am still learning how to use this site i did make a few blogs but deleted one of them and the other one i have to rethink how i am going to do the blog so i can make it look different besides what i had orginally planned. yes it sad about chatabout for awhile i was enjoying the site – but at least few things…[Read more]

            • so without chatabout i would have never met you or brook so something good came out of it.

            • That’s true. I found out about ChatAbout from Money Making Mommy site. I am curious about how many people still stick around there. It was good while it lasted!!!!

  • Brooke posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    @laurie1979 I should get busy on Slice The Pie but I had too much going on other jobs and gigs. LOL.

    • Liam, it can be tedious to some people because they don’t like to write reviews for different songs. If that’s the case, maybe it’s not the right site for them. For me though, it’s extra income.

    • @Brooke lol My writing gigs suck as of now. I am waiting to see if a site would accept me since I submitted what they need from me.

    • Do we only write song reviews there or other gigs as well?

      • @Laurie Yeah I know what you mean. I still didn’t upload my ID for a writing place yet. I plan too soon.

        @Shaheer You write song reviews after listening to the song that plays on the Slice The Pie song. I don’t think I know any other gigs that pay for song reviews. I suppose you could blog about song reviews if you really wanted.

        @Liam Yeah…[Read more]

        • oops I don’t know hot to effectively do the @ sign. LOL

        • Hey Brooke. I was wondering if you are working on writing work still or you moved on to something else? I went back to promo which is a dumb move. I do love doing it but it’s not consistent so hoping to land a job for sure by today’s interview. This particular location takes me only 5 minutes to drive there which is good. If I needed to walk, it…[Read more]

    • How big should the reviews be?

      • I typically write a short paragraph. The better the review is the more money you will earn per review.

    • Its an ok site but you don’t make much.

  • @laurie1979 Thanks for the add

  • Oh my gosh, @laurie1979 , I hadn’t even noticed that ChatAbout upped the price of all their rewards! I was saving up for the fifty dollar giftcard, so I hadn’t checked the rewards page.. now we’re down to half a cent per comment? And each comment has to be twenty words? oh my gosh, not worth my time.

    • @Emily_hargrove Yes. Not only was I disappointed but peeved that there was no warning about the upcoming change before they took action. I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people ditch the site once they see it’s no longer worth going on there.

  • @laurie1979 Thanks for all the suggestions. You are right, sometimes it is too much to handle (10 posts 😀 a day)
    I will definitely try Slice the Pie 🙂
    Again thanks for letting me know 🙂

  • Ray W posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    @laurie1979 You sure are active Laurie! It’s incredible how much you did in one day at chatabout, here, and your promo gigs. I wish I had your energy!

    • @ray_w lol Thanks. Now I wish I didn’t waste so much time on ChatAbout. They could have notified us about the new change before doing it. It’s just despicable especially since some of us did refer others to that site. Now, I need to write a blog posting about not signing up on there because it’s a waste of time.

  • jsnitz08 posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    @laurie1979 I’ve noticed you have been working so hard to make a little amount of money here and there, I’m currently looking to expand my Internet Business Nationwide, there’s potential to earn $1500/week+, would you be interested in more info? If so, please email me

    • Hey Julie. Thanks for the offer but I just might have to pass. I don’t want to pay more for another home based business when I recently purchased one where there’s no products to sell and whatnot. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Thanks Julie. It’s been a year since we responded to each other. It’s amazing to see postings like this that reminds you of when you last interact with certain people. I hope things are going great for you. It definitely is for me except my face. Ugh.

  • @laurie1979 You can make free ads on Google Ad sense. That is what I do and ad the code in the box. Let me know if you need further help. I may be able to make you a list of how to do it. This post was to the last post would not let me comment no more.

    • I’ve done it before but it was for some other site which I think it was for Blogger at the time. I read that I need a new email account in order to make another one which would suck if that’s true.

  • Payton posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    @laurie1979 You know how you told me I should look into those jobs on here, but we were talking on Chatabout … Well just so you know just by like that you and Erol became friends I reached a goal xD The irony lol

    • Ha ha ha @payton Reaching a goal is great. Just don’t lose track when you have to start all over again on it. Keep working on it. 🙂 I hope things are going great for you.

  • @laurie1979 I so started inbox pays a few years back and never made any money so I never went back. I so understand that.

    • It makes me mad of how many time I spent on that dumb site to get nothing in return. That site need to be shut down but it might not be possible since not enough people or the owner(s) don’t care as long as suckers keep clicking on there. What a way to jip us!@!!

      • Yeah I have been mad to many times. I have wasted tons of time on sites only to be let down. Glad I am finding all the good sites now.

        • Me too. I believe there’s more good ones than the bad ones. Our job is to report to one another of what ones are worth using up our time on while avoiding the bad ones.

          • I agree that is why I post what ones are good never bad ones.

            • You know? Another idea is to write an interesting blog posts of which ones to stay away from and why you’re saying that. Some people get scammed out of doing a site which turned out to be a “waste of time.” You should consider that idea.

  • @laurie1979 Oh you can get an easy 1000 points on here go to rewards and do first task pays 1000 points. Click on rewards and wait for it to load and the first thing you see hit more information.

    • If you do that you will not be far behind me lol in points.

    • I did click on it. I need to do all of the above which I know. I still need to work on it. I should blog on here more in order to get the points even faster.

      • Yeah that is what I am doing and still doing CA as well. I need the money for real.

        • Well, since I want this site over with, not doing CA at the moment. I will once this one is over. I just think it’s best if I do one site at a time especially since I need to cover all of the tasks that’s necessary in order to upgrade to the next level. I did do some on CA but will finish the rest after this one.

          • Yeah I am working on this one a ton and CA a little at a time. I want the 100 PayPal for 10000 points.

            • lol That’s one good one if working on this site to get that much. It gotta be lots of hours though. I noticed that if we just do the blog postings on here, we’ll quickly get there. lol In a way, it’s cheating without interacting with people on here.

            • I got the $50 paypal card. My wife and I both got the points to get there. We’re working on more now, just hasn’t been a lot of time lately with overtime, and the mystery shopping I do to have time on here.

  • @laurie1979 I get mercury magazines all the time. i thought that was really cool. I also get many freebies in the mail when I signed up for different things online through various websites.

    • @Kimberly_Brown Wow! On top of that, I also apply at a few other places to get free magazines even though they don’t pay me like Mercury does through Inbox and sendearnings. Reward Surveys is another site worth noting for free magazines. You do a short survey and can pick the magazine subscription that you want. I got marie Claire, Self, Shape,…[Read more]

      • Yeah I just signed up for the free mags from Reward surveys they are sending mines to me did that on gift hulk.

        • I tried gift Hulk for a bit and don’t like that site. I hope that’s ok. There’s other sites that I prefer anyway. That reminds me. I need to do Reward Surveys again. It’s been a while now.

          • Yeah I don’t mind everyone has their own sites they like. I am a fan and that is who I am expecting my 30 payment from now they have paid me 4 or 5 times before already.

            • That’s good. One of the few sites I recommend to stay away from is InboxPays. I once click on their site for every time I get their paid email. It stopped at $30 no matter how many times I click on it. So, I gave up on it and warning others about it. Same thing with Microworkers on stiffing me with a payment.

  • @laurie1979 Wouldnt let me comment no more on the other post so I stared a new one here. That is great that you will be making that much. I am so happy for you. I so love making free money. I like online jobs that is my business. I have been doing it for many years.

    • How weird that happened. This site is still new so sooner or later, there will be more things for this site that would benefit all of us. I actually found this site off of Problogger. It’s a good job source for writers and bloggers.

    • I love earning free money too. I just join another WAH opportunity where it is just a one time fee. It’s small though. Unfortunately, that site doesn’t have residual income option so that sucks.

      • Oh I know that is rite. I would never pay to be on a site it has to be free for me to join and they have to pay.

        • I only paid to do the offers but the one I am waiting on is free since it’s a trial offer. If it doesn’t show up some time today, I am going to cancel that one. It’s ridiculous since I shouldn’t be stiffed by that company. I messaged the lady that signed me up but I might as well not do her offer if I don’t get some help on this real soon.

  • @laurie1979 do you shop online and want to get a free 5 dollars and cash back check this out got me free 5.oo and you get 5.oo for each person you refer.

  • jsnitz08 posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    @laurie1979 Hi Laurie, How are things going with your Online incomes?

    • Hey Julie. Doing good but I need to cut down on doing promotions in order to make even more than promo. I hate having to wait on getting my payments from them. I would still do promos but cut way down than what I was doing last month. My hon loves it if I make income at home instead of driving around with our one and only truck.