• Nana posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    @laurie1979 Have a great evening

    • Thanks. Sorry that it took ten months later to respond back. I’m back!! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been away from here. I wondered what I was thinking of not coming back on here every single day.

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    My kids inspire me everyday. They are wonderful little people that I spent months creating, years raising and now they are becoming their own little people 🙂

    • Kids are so wonderful. Not only do they tend to make us go nuts (lmao) but, it’s so worth it. The reason why I am saying this is because when I do see them, I would look at them and think “OMG. They’re so beautiful and yet, I help created them. It’s how they got here. My hon did his part on getting me pregnant and me going through birth.” You men…[Read more]

      • It is absolutely indescribable. My friend asked me when I was pregnant with my first, does it feel like an alien LMAO. I said well seeing as I’ve never had an alien inside me I just don’t know, but sure why not.

        My son is about to be 14 next Tuesday and I am getting emotional about it. 🙂

        • LMAO Does it feel like an alien!! ha ha ha
          In a way, that was the case with me. lol

          I have four girls with my hon. Our oldest just turned 13 last month on the 13th. I have her pictures and it’s somewhat heartbreaking to see her grow as big as she is now. She’s taller than me but she will always be my baby too. She’s going to be in 8th grade real…[Read more]

          • I had one incident that was very alien-like when I was pregnant with my oldest son – I was standing there in Safeway, 8 months around and suddenly I guess baby wanted some m&ms because my stomach lurched forward pulling me toward a free-standing display of them and I knocked them over LOL. So then of course I felt kind of obligated to buy one and…[Read more]

          • 13, wow how is teenage hood going for you? My son will be 14 on Tuesday, he is growing too quickly for me! He just just got taller than me and he is thrilled and rubbing it in too lol

  • Pegasus replied to the topic Soup in the forum General Discussion 6 years, 6 months ago

    Favorite soup in the whole world is clam chowder – the white one. I also love the soup at Olive Garden!

    • Clam chowder is my god. lmao I love it too. It’s not a good idea to have them everyday but when I can, I’d be having them every single day if it’s possible to not gain weight from it. ha ha ha

      • That’s why I am happy clam chowder is mostly only served on Fridays around here ha ha. I don’t make it for myself, that is one I will go out and get it at this place I love called Boudin’s.

  • So I went to bed an hour and a half earlier last night and it made all the difference in my attitude and mood

    • It’s important to get enough sleep because if we don’t get enough, it will affect us.
      My hon said that I’ve been sleeping a lot. I think that he may be right.

      • I am glad you have been getting more sleep though, and yes, it is so important. In fact it’s about that time for me to sign off 🙂

    • Sleep is probably the most important thing for a human (except water and food, haha). I remember back when I had insomnia, I went around like a zombie and everyone annoyed me, even if they were nice to me. I was always rude when they talked to me and I’m so happy that I got rid of the insomnia!

      • Oh yeah, most everyone was annoying me too – I mean I don’t know how my kids escaped unscathed, my husband too lucky bastard. But everyone else especially my mom took the brunt of the bad mood. I was so pleasant the next day I’m sure I seemed like I was nuts

  • Rin became a registered member 6 years, 6 months ago

  • Nooo! Don’t say dessert! Lol. My favorite? ALL!

    Seriously, I have a “sweet tooth” that can get outta hand if I’m not careful. I love cookies. All cookies. I love cake, mostly. I love ice cream, milk shakes, chocolate of all sorts. Ugh. I’m hopeless! Lol.

    • @Kendra, you are hopeless. lol I went nuts on a cake that I bought from a store. It was one of those already pre sliced ones put inside a see through box. Once I park the truck in our apartment building, I went and ate the whole friggin thing. It was delicious. 😉 lol

    • I have the biggest sweet tooth tjats probably why i am fluffy

    • My sweet tooth has a sweet tooth. I have total self control over myself when it comes to almost anything else, but sweets? nope. plate of brownies? I didn’t see a plate of brownies…..nomnomnom

    • I’m horrible I love sweets. Lol

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  • Brooke posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Really keeping my fingers crossed for a new job. The entrance test was really hard. Hoping I get it. It pays well, which would be nice. Plus they offer flexibility in hours.

    • Flexibility is always nice just becarefull sometimes when places say flexible in my experience there is always a catch

      • I hope you’ll get it too. I am still waiting for that one position that I’m hoping to get because it pays pretty good. There is another one that I’m hoping to hear back which is another WAH job. I need some stable WAH income.

        • I’ll pray you get the job and I totally understand needing a stable income. It’s hard living without knowing when or how much you are going to get.

          • Thanks. I agree. I’ve been trying to budget lately and that is difficult too.

            • Trying to budget on an income that’s unstable is so tricky.
              I just did a calculation for this year and the total amount came over $9k. 🙂
              If only I make at least a grand a month, it would be even more awesome.

              In your case, you should figure out how much money you made this year. 🙂

  • Nicolee25 posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Just met my goal of 500 points for the day. Happy.

  • I am back online had to do a few things offline and finally am back. Now to get some things done online.

  • I  was about 8 weeks pregnant and I had a missed miscarriage. What a missed miscarriage is when the baby dies but your body doesn’t know it yet and it continues to carry the baby sometime after. The baby must have […]

    • I’m sorry for your loss. Sometimes, there’s a reason why even though it’s heartbreaking. I’ve never suffer miscarriage but I can imagine a lot of crying that’s involved because you became so emotional involved with it before it get into your arms. Sooner or later, you’ll have a baby to call your own and be able to interact with it on a face to face level.

    • This is so terrible. I wish people did not have to go through this. It makes me hurt to hear when something like this happens.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this.

    • I am dealing and healing. I haven’t cried too much but I will be ok. I doubt that I will have a baby anytime soon. This one was unplanned but maybe one day. I’m sure I will.

  • Pegasus posted an update in the group Group logo of Gratitude GroupGratitude Group 6 years, 6 months ago

    You know what I am grateful for just now? I went down the list of people who joined this group and I recognize almost everyone on it and now I’m starting to finally feel like I am comfortable and familiar! 🙂 I am so grateful for that

    • I feel the same way. A lot of us are familiar and got to know one another so that helped. 🙂
      One other thing is that since some of us spend a lot of time being on here, all that extra points you earn definitely come in handy. 😉 Jealous too but all that hard work is definitely a way for us to get motivated to come on here longer. I sure would like…[Read more]

    • I’ve met some very nice sweet people on here and I love to read all their stuff and always like to see what their up too (:

    • I’ve found by and far that the communities we build here and on other sites are very positive and full of original, thoughtful content and emotional investment. So, I am always glad to run into a familiar face.

    • That is a great thing to be grateful for.

  • Heather posted an update in the group Group logo of RecipesRecipes 6 years, 6 months ago

    Easy Biscuit Pizza, If you have left over biscuits this is my favorite recipe and it saves you from having to throw them away.
    2 Servings
    2 Biscuits cut in half
    Get pizza sauce any kind
    Minced Garlic/ Garlic Powder

    You put sauce on the halves of biscuits. Then Sprinkle garlic on biscuit, and put topping and cheese on.
    Cook…[Read more]

  • Pegasus replied to the topic Daily Goals in the forum General Discussion 6 years, 6 months ago

    You have inspired me again, SadieMarie – to make more of an effort to make a goal for this site. I would love to get more people involved, it is easier to make points with many to talk to! 🙂

    • I feel the same way (:

    • Wow!!! Thanks to my personal blog, I have been notified that I referred a new members on here. 🙂 So, you see, there’s proof that you NEED an official site of yours. One of my blog posts talk about this site and there’s more power to refer people to this site. I hope that whoever they are, they would reach out to me.

  • Heather posted an update in the group Group logo of Gratitude GroupGratitude Group 6 years, 6 months ago

    I am really grateful for finding blogjob on bubblews.

    • Glad that you could join us. As you can see, a lot of us like this site. 🙂 Some of the members that are on here are from ChatAbout. I’m one of them. 🙂

    • Hi Heather 🙂 I’m glad you found out about this site. I just was encouraged to try bubblews from this site, ironically lol. It is really interesting, but I like the potential!

    • It’s a wonderful site. I like this site more than anything I used before.

    • I am too that’s where I found out about it. I write about this site all the time on there. Hopefully more people will join because of that. Already have had at least one join.

  • I think I’ve capped all my available points. Only thing left is uploading photos, starting new form topics & groups, & blogging. Still have 541 points more to go. I’ll try for a little while longer but I might not make it till tomorrow.

  • aabeck posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    So i am a freaking pig hubby and i decided to go get food i had 5 huge chicken tenders with honey mustard and a garbage frie platter which consist or fries chili and nacho cheese caramelized onions and peppers salsa tomatoes black olive ranch sour cream and grilled chicken

    • I don’t think that sounds piggish, that sound completely delicious. I love chicken tenders with honey mustard!!

    • That sounds so delicious I would love to try that!

    • lol I’ve had moments where I went all piggy on food too. My hon would sometimes go “Why is it that you eat a lot and look like that but I eat very little and I look like this?” Basically, he’s not in the best shape of his life. If he eat more healthy food, then, he would get in even better shape than he is now.

  • aabeck posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    Yay off work for the night

  • I have been looking at our local grocery stores. We have a Krogers, Brookshires, Walmart, and Super One.  I am so excited there were tons of organic deals at Kroger. I couldn’t find Super One weekly ads.

    Kroger […]

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