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    Sometimes, when we don’t get reminded of how lucky we have in life, we tend to lose perspective of what matters the most. For example, this is going to get somewhat gross and personal but my hon and I were arguing days ago where it was about me not having my own vehicle. Just yesterday or so, something of mine actually showed up. That was the problem. I know that I will get my own vehicle but for almost 10 years of not having one, it gets to me as each day passes on by. We both share a vehicle but the thing is that I am not on the insurance. It would make me feel better once I have my own insurance and vehicle that comes with it. Maybe next month, I will definitely have one for sure. I do love my hon and kids but sometimes, it’s just not enough. Wish me luck for today’s job interview even though I hate my face. I’m 35 and breaking out. Working on getting rid of them.