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    Use coupons, purchase items on sale and clearance as well as going to thrift stores will help tremendously. I also highly recommend to earn some extra income as well especially if online. Do you know that there are even sites that pays you to redeem coupons>? That would help a lot for a lot of people that do use coupons. might as well get paid for it.

    • No I do not but keep eyes ears open

      • I currently use Checkout 51 which help somewhat because they pay you to purchase what’s listed on a list and they change it every week. One time, I bought an Aveeno sunscreen because I had a coupon that took off $3 and I got paid $2 by Checkout 51. It was definitely worth it.

        • Wow i didnt know there was a site to get paid to use coupons i use to use tons of them just dont have the time anymore to clip thwm

          • There’s more than one site actually. One of them though, pays the most at 20 points instead of only 10 when every 10 minute comes.