• laksh posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    laksh arrives!
    how’s everything here in my internet home? 🙂

    • “Rewards Program Suspended”…I hope things are better in your real-world home!

      • hahahah 😀 @priscillaking
        I know that.. I make sure I at least login to blogjob 99% of the days, even if I don’t post any blogs.. 🙂 Don’t worry,, if intentions of people involved are good, then such small problems will be solved soon.. it’s the intention that matters, unlike bubblews owners!

        • Hi @laksh how is your life going? We had some rains one day, and at least temperatures won’t go upto 46 degrees as they did go oneday breaking all records.

    • Hi laksh, it’s been quiet some time since I heard from you. How is everything?

      • @gayathri
        I’ve been busy for the last 15 days.. but I used to just look around here.. it’s Gayathri who doesn’t talk much these days 🙁

        • Thought children’s vacation would give me some spare time but I am all the more busy with everybody home. Anyway, I have been in blog job every day but didn’t see you around. How is your work going on now?

          • lol.. okay..
            my work is gearing up.. lot of work in this terrible weather 🙁
            gonna be busy for the next two weeks again..

            • Yes. The weather is really terrible with temperatures hovering around 38 and with so much humidity. I long for a rain which most parts of India seems to have had to day. Well! I have seen the warden and have decided to retire. Good night! Hope your pressure would reduce soon.