• Montago Burgess posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    @billy_d @billy_dd Hey do you know if black ops 3 is split screen for the Xbox 360?(offline)
    I think I made a bad investment in the game, if it’s not, as I already can’t play the campaign, there isn’t a theater mode, and it’s already came with a load of bugs.(also,if you haven’t already, I highly recommend doing a blog post about the features of black ops for the last gen consoles vs next gen.)

    • I’ll definitely consider a comparison. Also, I don’t think the Xbox 360 has split-screen, but I could be wrong. The game is extremely limited on the seventh-gen consoles and they basically got the leftovers from what was put into the Xbox One/PS4/PC versions. In some comparisons they showcased how badly the graphics were downgraded and the playability was just in ruins. Sorry to hear about the purchase.