• Lee Ka posted an update in the group Group logo of GoalsGoals 4 years, 7 months ago

    My goals for today:
    1) Continue to work on the unfinished items from yesterday (I only managed to work on my software project)
    2) Have a painting session with my children. My little girl has been asking for it for some time.
    3) Explore StumbleUpon.
    4) Clean and organize my living room.

    I’ll take a short break from my software project today.

    • Setting goals helps me to accomplish more. I love it when i am able to mark something off my list because it is completed

    • Wow

    • Aww painting session sounds very fun! What will you be painting today? 🙂 I haven’t painted for a while last time probably in high school. I hope you get a lot accomplished today.