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    • that is good advice

    • Ah! Love this. And oh how true! I try to stay aware of how powerful one positive thought is, especially in comparison to one negative thought. I think it’s supposed to be more powerful, more impactful than a negative one. Something about the “energy” the positive kind of thought carry. Such interesting stuff! Once I knew what law of attraction was, I began stating positive affirmation every single day upon waking up. I even listen to positive affirmations in audio form throughout the day, sometimes for an hour straight! Can’t believe the differences that have taken place from this simple positive thinking stuff. 😉

      • I need to start back up with my positive audios. Who do you like to listen to @kendra?

        • Oooh! I have SO many. Lol. Let’s see… I listen to a few from “Pinch Me Living.” I find all of the ones I listen to on Youtube. I used to listen to an Abe Hicks one called “rampage of attraction,” I think, every day, but they got old to me. Her stuff just doesn’t resonate with my current needs and desires in life. Lol. The majority of my audio positive affirmations are just some I’ve typed up myself and saved in a document, then I use a free text-reading program (called Natural Reader) that way I can listen to them being read off while I go about my stuff like cleaning or exercising! I love to listen to motivating ones while I exercise! I have entire sections for virtually every part of my life — career, appearance/image (which addresses everything from skin to my exercise goals), relationships, happiness, etc.

          I really prefer not having to use that Natural Reader program though because the voice is crappy. Lol. It’s not pleasant and the guy often gets words wrong. Just not always easy to follow along, but I don’t want to pay for a program to read my text to me. Lol.

          Some other favorites of mine that can be found free on Youtube are “10 Minutes of Positive Affirmations, Do It Everyday!” That’s the title. I don’t know the name of the person or their YT channel, but that’s a great one. It kind of covers everything, starting off with “I am beautiful, I create my reality,” etc.

          A lady named Konstadina (also on YT) does some fabulous affirmations! I listen to one of hers every single day. It’s called “Affirmations on JOY ~ transform your life.” It covers everything about being joyful, and almost always uplifts my moods.

          There’s another one that says the same few sentences over and over and over, but I actually like it because it really beats the message into my head! lol. It’s called “Healing Affirmation I Forgive and Release spoken.” It says “I am free to be healthy, wealthy, and happy, now,” as well as other things. After I’ve listened to the short audio, that sentence gets stuck in my head like a bad song, and it makes me feel so good! Lol. I guess repeating such a powerful statement for SO long really does start getting into your brain. Lol. Not sure who that one is by.

          Christian Flint has one or two that I like, talking about bringing abundance into your life, letting go of your past, living your passions, and reminding you of your value, and that you’re worthy and that you’ll manifest your desires, etc. It’s one that focuses on believing in yourself and improving. I think the one I listen to most is called “You Are Worthy.”

          Jeanine Sande has guided meditation videos/audios that I kind of like. I listen to one for grounding.

          I can give you my full list of the ones I do, if you want. I subscribe to all of them on Youtube, too. I frequently grab new ones that focus on whatever it is I’m needing at any given moment. Some of them will allow you to download their audios, which is awesome! When the person lets you download them, I always do because my internet service provider only allows me to do anything like watch videos between 2AM and 6AM or else they will cut my internet down so slow, or all together sometimes! 🙁 It’s SO useful, though, to be able to just click on them on my computer and let them play.

          Louise Hayes has some fantastic ones, but hers are LONG! I usually don’t end up listening to the full things, but some of her techniques are absolutely powerful. She’s kind of all about self-love and learning to really love yourself and accept everything about yourself. That is a HARD thing for me, but she’s really helped.

          What about you? Which/who are your faves? Do you ever make up your own, too? 😉

          When I’m in the shower, I’ll REALLY get into it, even going as far as visualizing things I want. lol. It can get serious in there! haha. In fact, the other night, I was deeply visualizing my “dream life” and it crossed my mind that I would like to have my own peach tree (lol. No idea why that even came to mind), and the very next day, I walked into Bi-lo and there was a peach tree standing in the lobby! Haha. For sale of course, but I thought that was so cool, like a sign that all those manifestations are on their way. 😉

          • thanks @kendra for the choices! I think I have listened to the “positive affirmations” one on Youtube. There are a few others on youtube like the “eat your frog” guy….
            I also like to listen to Loren Ridinger, she is incredibly inspirational and so talented. Love her.

            • Oooh! Awesome. I don’t think I’ve heard of either of those, so I’ll be checking them out too! Thanks so much. 😉

    • You should check out them @kendra! no problem.thank you!

      • Oh I certainly will! 🙂 Just copied those down so that I can search for them. I’m excited! I love finding new information on this sort of topic, so thanks so much for sharing.

    • I love this too! This a great advice to anybody that starts their day negative. Let’s all be positive no matter what.