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    @joannamaharis I like the name of your blog : )

  • @joannamaharis Thanks for friendship

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    We all have obstacles and worries but we know the one who can comfort us in all things and give us peace in our circumstances.

  • Have you ever watched a baby sleep?  You will never see a face so peaceful and serene, so “at rest” .  A baby resting in its father’s arms feels no worry, no stress.  God promises us that we can also know that […]

    • Great article. Many of the things you talk about here resonate with me, such as the obstacles of everday life. Just a few moments ago, prior to reading your article. I was disappointed in myself for being unmotivated, and lacking creative energy to write any stories today. I feel groggy, and a little exhausted even though I slept throughout the night last night. Today, I only wrote a 110+ word article for bubblews with just some random thoughts, because I wasn’t feeling creative today. However, after reading your article, it made me realize everyone goes through slumps in life, regardless if it’s a writer having writer’s block or some other obstacle in life. I also realize obstacles are a part of life itself.

    • We all have obstacles and worries but we know the one who can comfort us in all things and give us peace in our circumstances.

  • writing own fiction not a fiction from the movies that we are watching?thanks

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    Thanks for the welcome. I hope I will like it here.

  • The title of this blog is  Pareidolia – A search for meaning. defines pareidolia as: the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon […]

    • What a beautiful blog! I love it. You’re one of my favorite writers from the other site, and it’s great that you’re here. I always thought that your work was worthy of higher-quality places. I mean that sincerely. Your personality, talent and creativity show in your work. Anyway, onto the subject of pareidolia. I often see shapes in clouds and even in the silhouettes of trees in the distance. I suppose that our brains search for familiar memories, but we can only process what we’ve seen. I’ve often tried to imagine the colors in Heaven, but of course we can’t visualize hues that are nonexistent here. I have a very vivid imagination, and you obviously do too. Sometimes mine is too vivid! I find myself getting lost in my thoughts, or rambling on in comments as I am now. 😉 I wonder if pareidolia is the same as matrixing? I’ll have to look that up. Like I said, it’s great to see you here. Your blog(s) are destined for greatness. You’re off to a fantastic start! I’ll stop rambling now. I didn’t mean for my comment to turn into a novel.

    • I am sure that my human mind cannot conceive of Heaven, and has to be satisfied with the beauty my eyes can see on Earth. And that is quite beautiful, from majestic mountains to the way the tiniest insect is perfectly equipped to survive just long enough to propagate. I am glad to see a familiar face here, and I hope to find enough meaning in life to write about it often.

    • I’ll be one of your regular readers. I notice the beauty of nature that some pass by each day and never really see. I notice the iridescent flecks that glimmer in the petals of violets and the tiny individual pockets that make up individual orange slices. Aren’t they cool? 🙂 They’re all the handiwork of God. I appreciate the beauty and amazing details and how every little component has a much greater purpose. I look forward to reading more.

    • Last week someone posted a short video on Facebook. The video showed figures in white robes apparently flying in the clouds. The figures were purported to be angels. They did look like a human version of what an angel might look like as long as one didn’t look too closely.
      Da Vinci may have been using pareidolia when he said he could look at stains and shapes on walls and such and visualize the rocks and mountains he was painting.
      Thank you for inviting me on this site, you have done a lot of work while I have been sleeping.

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    @joannamaharis Thank you for accepting my friend request!

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    I liked this story , will there be a second part ? Does it rain , does she find love in the drug store ?

  • The main thing is to do the writing. Many people think about it without actually putting pen to paper. Start writing. See where it takes you. don’t think about quality, just the momentum of actually creating

    • Excellent advise.

    • I agree with you, Arthur Chappell. It is important to just write without worrying about the quality of the writing. It’s usually the best means for getting those creative juices flowing. Personally, I usually set my egg timer for 30 minutes, and write until the timer goes off, even if it words or phrases not making sense to me at the time.…[Read more]

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    Hey buddy! This post would have earned you 50 points if you created a site before posting. Interesting anyway.

    • I’d like to thank you for the information. I wasn’t sure how the site worked when I first registered. But now that I know, I will post in my blogs in the future. I’d also like to thank you for your kind words regarding my story. Have a great day.

  • This book is a devotional, written by Sarah Young, but I’ve been reading it through cover-to-cover anyway. I love devotionals, and I always seem to find something I need to hear when I don’t pay attention to the […]

    • I love reading those books too . I tend to pray when I am out walking the dogs , that helps me when I am down about something .

      • Yeah, I totally get that. I tend to pray more when I’m driving. I use that time to talk to God and just get things out. Especially when I’m down about something.

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    Teach me how to live, O Lord.