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    A legit site pays but when it stops paying, it is called a scam.

    • Like Bubblews, lol

      • no,they are not scammers. they just loser the business.they mismanage the business hence they cannot afford to pay all the bloggers, hence they limit when paying. 🙂

        • I agree. Instead of paying chocolate they decided to pay chocolate cake to their members but later when they found that it is putting a lot of burden on their bakery they decided to make a drop and changed it from chocolate cake to candies ( It would be better if they had just given us chocolate right from the beginning)

          • It is said that they were not able to pay. I am not a member there so I don’t know the details but I think they should have been upfront about it and should have told its members that they were in trouble financially.

        • Did they tell their members that? Did they try to arrange a way to pay even partially of what they owed? If they did not do that, even if they may not be a scammer but what is the difference? The members were not paid their rightful rewards that the site had promised.

    • That is bad. They promised to pay the contributors but they chose not to. It is like they owe me money but they do not want to pay me. Bad.