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    In other frustrating news, I have no idea what I want to do about graduate school. Right now I’m in limbo and it just sucks! I just want to wake up with all sorts of degrees and employers crawling at my feet begging me to bring my expertise to their company! Is that too much to ask?

    • I have no idea if this still works. I would do the teaching. That gives you something to fall back on. From teaching, admin is a route you can still take. The thing about teaching is that in England this is one area where you can find employment.

      Be practical. If you have a family you may have breaks and need a career where you can do temp work for a bit and so on.

      Keep going towards the top, but have a cast iron earner at the bottom with a pension scheme.

      I did Adult Ed. My biggest regret is I did not do the school-age option for teaching first.

      The bottom line is teachers are always needed.

    • You can do it!! Just stay focused and it will happen. I wish you good luck