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    I searched Google for information about copyright infringement, fair use, and using Facebook screenshots in our blog posts. I believe using Google screenshots, especially those in public forums, is fair use or gray area at worst. What I learned is that it’s best to check Facebook’s Terms of Service because in some cases your posts are yours to do whatever with unless you took a screenshot of a private group, and then you would want to check with the group and/or Facebook first. There’s no hard and fast rules about how to cite a screenshot on Facebook, at least not that I’ve seen tonight. By the way, “fair use” is a complicated matter. I bet I could write about it and still have more to write in a second, third, and so on article(s).

    • Fair use is determined also by how you intend to use it. For example if it’s a new story then that is fair use, but if it’s for commercial use or in a defamatory sense then it probably would stand up as a defense.

    • To me, if you are taking a screen shot of the photo you like, it is like stealing! And if I don’t like people to steal my photos or my articles, I won’t do it to others.

      Whatever you use in your posts, your sites to earn money, it is commercial use, and you must have permission to use it, or legal matter is what you will face.