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    Since we have new faces on BlogJob, I think it’s worth asking: Is anyone interested in writing about books, movies, and/or the business of writing? I feel a little lost in the wave of new faces and want to see if anyone writes in my niches so I can start meeting similar people and get to know some of you better.

    • I like giving my 2 cents on music and movies every now and again and like reading other writer’s posts about these. In particular, at this moment I have been watching 2 series of interest to me via HULU, ‘11.22.63’ and ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ just the most recent that I have been viewing. As far as music, I usually check out music from YouTube and it is funtastic for me to do. I am working on a new ebook that is not anywhere near ready to publish via KDP.

    • I have my own writer’s blog under another pen name where I vent my frustrations and dilemmas from writer’s wrist to punctuation.